Bartholomew the Englishman

On Pepper

Latin Grammar

Plinius autem, libro 12 capite 8 [Naturalis historia 12.26], dicit quod piper per longam adustionem solis nigrum redditur et rugosum, et hoc non sine piperis iniuria, cum deberet esse album, sed ex coeli intemperie sic nigrescit, hoc etiam permittunt incolae, ut possit diutius et melius conservari.

Inceptive verbs, an example of which is found in this passage,  add the suffix "-sco" to the present stem of a verb, and so doing, change the original verb's meaning to imply an action which is beginning or becoming something.  Thus, in the passage above, the -sco added to the verb nigreo:  nigrescit causes us to infer that the pepper is growing or becoming black.  Inceptive verbs are fairly common in Latin.  From the following list, deduce and write the meaning for the inceptive verbs given.

1. calescit
2. crescit
3. decrescit
4. deliquescit
5. erubesco
6. irascor
7. iuvenescit
8. vesperascit


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