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Latin Grammar: Ablatives

...remanente autem cinere, et cum diligentia custodito, de praecepto sacerdotis, et reservato, infra triduum quidam vermiculus de praedicto cinere est creatus, qui tandem recipiens fotmam avis, ad solitudinem evolavit.

Use of the Ablative
This small passage contains a remarkable number of ablatives. Three uses of the ablative case are given below. Beside each one, give examples from the passage above.

Definition Example from Text
Ablative of manner: an ablative used with the preposition cum to express the manner in which something is done.
(supply preposition and ablative)
Ablative of separation: an ablative used with the prepositions ab, de, or ex to denote separation.
(supply preposition and ablative)

Ablative absolute: a noun or pronoun in the ablative with a participle, adjective or noun, also in the ablative. In this passage, the noun cinere has three participles as part of its clause
(supply just the participles)

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