Richard Rufus

On the Place of the Outermost Sphere

Latin Grammar: Questions

Contra, nonne dictum est quod locus est "terminus continentis" [4.4.212a20-21]?

There are many different ways to introduce questions in Latin. Many of these introductory words express things that are difficult to render in English yet are important and give vital information about the question. The enclitic -ne introduces a question of a simple fact that requires only a 'yes' or 'no' answer. The introductory word nonne (non + ne) expects an affirmative answer (i.e. "Do you not...?") while the introductory word num expects a negative answer (i.e. "You don't, right?"). Translate the following Latin sentences into English, making an attempt to capture the nuance of each question.

1.  Num dubitatio est?  ?

2.  Tune hoc intellegis?  ?

3.  Nonne es hic homo?  ?

4.  Num hoc fecistis?  ?

5.  Nonne hoc fecistis?  ?

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