William of Ockham

On Franciscan Poverty

Latin Etymology

Si autem ecclesiae sub tali pacto vel nequiverunt vel noluerunt ipsa temporalia bona recipere, et tamen reges sub pactis licitis ipsa ecclesiis contulerunt, concedendum est quod papa super huiusmodi temporalibus habet aliquam potestatem, quamvis non nisi quantam reges sibi dederunt, ut papa super huiusmodi temporalibus concessis a regibus Angliae ecclesiis in dominio eorundem regum solummodo iure regum habeat potestatem, et non nisi quantam per privilegia regum sibi est concessa.

The Latin word tempus, temporis (time, adj. temporalis) is related to many English words.  Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with words related to tempus.


1. He renounced his goods and became an ascetic.

2. The performed better than those who had been working in the office for years.

3. The harbor was crowded with people securing their boats before the hit.

4. The conductor slowed down the song's so much that the orchestra had trouble following it.

5. He resisted settling in to his apartment, still convinced that this living situation was only .

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