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Latin Grammar: Reading Comprehension

Respondit mater: "Quia filium meum desideras habere in tuum carissimum, sequere verba eius, quae ipse personaliter loquebatur in evangelio, quae ad hoc trahunt, ut ipse pre omnibus diligatur. Et ideo sex verba evangelica reduco tibi ad memoriam. Primum est, quod dixit diviti: 'Vade et vende, que habes, et da pauperibus et sequere me!' Secundum est: 'Nolite sollicitari de crastino!' Tercium est: 'Videte, quomodo passeres pascuntur; quanto magis Pater celestis pascet homines!' Quartum est: 'Reddite, quae sunt Cesaris, Cesari et, que sunt Dei, Deo!' Quintum est: 'Primum querite regnum Dei!' Sextum est: 'Omnes, qui esuritis, venite ad me, et ego reficiam vos.'

Reading Comprehension

In the passage above, what six directives are given, in the words of the evangelist? Choose the correct quotations.

1. First, seek the Kingdom of God

2. Go and sell what you have and give it to the poor and follow me.

3. Render unto Caesar those things which are Caesar's, and to God those which are God's.

4. Do not worry about tomorrow.

5. Good by, and good luck, and do not be a pauper.

6. See how the sparrows feed....

7. The first question is to ask about God.

8. Look out for passers-by who will lead men from the heavenly Father.

9. All who hunger come to me and I will refresh you.

10. Do not worry over stupid things.

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