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On Providence

Latin Grammar: Correlatives

...alteri enim negociationum, alteri repetitionem debiti, alii exactionem vectigalium, alii receptionem teloneorum, alii investigationem latronum aut aliorum maleficiorum, causam hujusmodi ambulationis fuisse possibile est. Unitas ergo viae, sive fori concurrentibus in eo, huiusmodi causis occursum fecit sive concursum huiusmodi hominum

Correlatives are conjunctions and/or adverbs used in pairs in such a way as to form balanced clauses. We use them in English as well:

  • not only...but also
  • neither...nor
  • either...or
  • both...and
  • so many...as, etc.

The correlatives in the above passage appear not only in pairs, but some are in a group of three, creating an anaphora.

Identify the three sets of correlatives in the passage above and match them to the definition given.

  correlative set definition
1. ... for one...for the other
2. ...... some...another...another
3. ... whether (either)...or

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