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Latin Grammar: Case Usage

...sic cum ibit piscis forsan ad pastum per viam aliquam, contingebat tunc trahi rete per eandem vel forte fugiebat a clamore et strepitu quem faciebant socii trahentium rete. Occurrerunt igitur sibi invicem piscis et rete; occursus autem causa est evidenter captionis...

Case Usage
For each of the following eight nouns from the passage above, identify its case and the rationale for its being in that case, i.e., list whether it is:

  • the subject (SUB)
  • object of a preposition (OP)
  • direct object (DO)
  • indirect object (IO)
  • predicate noun (PN). 

One answer requires you to know the type of ablative being employed (means, instrument, etc).

  noun case reason
1. piscis
2. pastum
3. viam
4. rete of:
5. clamore
6. strepitu
7. socii
8. causa
bonus captionis with:

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