Robert Grosseteste and Robin Hood

Latin Etymology

Unusquisque liber homo agistet boscum suum in foresta pro voluntate sua et habeat pannagium suum. Concedimus etiam quod unusquisque liber homo possit ducere porcos suos per dominicum boscum nostrum, libere et sine impedimento, ad agistandum eos in boscis suis propriis, vel alibi ubi voluerit. Et si porci alicuius liberi hominis una nocte pernoctaverint in foresta nostra, non inde occasionetur ita quod aliquid de suo perdat.

Fill in the blanks using words related to Latin words in the passage.


1.  He was surprised to find that bacon is a form of .

2.  I will if you give me indisputable truth.

3.  His fear of heights was the one remaining .

4.  Bats are , which is why you hardly ever see them in daylight.

5.  Be sure that you are adequately prepared before wandering too deep into the .

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