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Latin Grammar: Adverbs

Quicumque archiepiscopus, episcopus, comes vel baro transierit per forestam nostram, liceat ei capere unam vel duas bestias per visum forestarii, si praesens fuerit; sin autem, faciat cornari, ne videatur furtive hoc facere.


Adverbs are used to describe the manner in which an action takes place.  In English, adverbs are formed by adding the ending "-ly" to the corresponding adjective.  In Latin, adverbs are formed from adjective ending in -us, -a, -um by dropping the ending and adding -e

Turn the following adjectives into adverbs.

1.  carus: 

2.  bella: 

3.  castum: 

4.  beatus: 

5.  trista: 

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