Hildegard of Bingen

On Rivers

Latin Grammar: Prepositions

Glan de aliis fluminibus ortum habet, idcirco et aqua eius aliquantum aspera et sana est, atque ad cibos et ad potus et ad balnea et ad faciem lavandam valet. Pisces quoque eius sani sunt, sed diu durare non possunt, propter asperitatem eiusdem aquae.

In this passage we notice a repetition of the preposition ad , used with the verb valet . Whereas ad often is translated "to" or "toward," here it indicates for what purpose the water in the river Glan might be used. Specifically, Hildegard tells us that the water is "sana" or "healthy" for many reasons. In the following exercises, translate ad as "for." This sounds like a dative translation, but you are really saying "for the purpose of..."

The water of the Glan is healthy...

1. ad cibos for
2. ad potus for
3. ad balnea for
4. ad faciem lavandam for
also, from section 2 (above) the same construction shows us that fish are safe--
5. ad comedendum for

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