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Latin Grammar: Beginning Translation

Per ipsum itaque cui te obtulisti Deum te obsecro ut quo modo potes tuam mihi presentiam reddas, consolationem videlicet mihi aliquam rescribendo, hoc saltem pacto ut sic recreata divino alacrior vacem obsequio. Et longam epistolam brevi fine concludo: vale, unice.

Beginning Translation

In translating a passage from Latin, one first locates the verb, then its subject, isolating them from the phrases and other "extras" in the sentence, in order to gain the general meaning of the passage.

Translate the following phrases from the above passage., then the final sentence in its entirety.

1. Obsecro te

2. ut reddas mihi

3. tuam praesentiam

4. rescribendo* aliquam consolationem

*note the form: ablative

Vocabulary notes

obsecro = beseech
reddo = return
praesentiam = presence
unicus = one-and-only

Now translate the final sentence of this letter: Et longam epistolam brevi fine concludo: vale, unice.

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