Adam Marsh and Roger Bacon

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Latin Grammar: Comparison of Adjectives

Et optime novi pessimum et stultissimum istorum errorum <auctorem>, qui vocatus est Richardus Cornubiensis, famossissimus apud stultam multitudinem. Sed apud sapientes fuit insanus et reprobatus Parisius propter errores quod invenerat <et> promulgaverat quando solemniter legebat Sententias ibidem, postquam legerat Sententias Oxoniae ab anno Domini 1250.

Bacon uses some pretty strong adjectives to describe the multitude with whom he vehemently disagrees in the passage above. When one is very passionate about one's views, one tends to use--or, overuse--the superlative. As a review, change the following adjectives from the positive to the comparative and then the superlative forms. Please note the gender in which they are given, and that some of the adjectives have irregular forms.

1. stultus
2. alta
3. longum
4. acer
5. fortis
6. bona
7. malus
8. multus

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