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Latin Grammar: Abbreviations

Artes enim non differunt abinvicem nisi altero horum duorum modorum, scilicet aut confirmatione demonstrationis aut nobilitate subiecti aut utroque; e.g. quoniam Geometria excedit Astrologiam per confirmationem demonstrationis, Astrologia autem excedit illam nobilitate subiecti.

Certain words and phrases are used so commonly that they may be safely abreviated in most texts, and the writer can be confident that his reader will understand the reference; for example, A.M. and P.M. (ante meridiem and post meridiem) are almost universally understood to mean before noon (A.M.) and after noon (P.M.) Match the following Latin abbreviations with their Latin phrases and English meanings. (*Item with an asterisk is from the passage above.)

AbbreviationLatin PhraseEnglish Meaning
1. cf
    C      g
A. id esta. and others
2. e.g.*
B. pro temporeb. in the same place
3. et al.
C. Conferc. note well
4. etc.
D. et aliid. for the time being
5. ibid.
E. opere citatoe. which see
6. i.e.
F. versusf. namely, one may see
7. N.B.
G. recipeg. compare
8. op. cit.
H. et ceterah. and the rest, and so forth
9. pro tem.
I. exempli gratiai. in the work mentioned
10. P.S.
J. quod videj. take
11. q.v.
K. ibidemk. against
12. Rx
L. videlicetl. for example
13. viz.
M. post scriptumm. that is
14. vs.
N. Nota Benen. written afterwards

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