William of Auvergne

Why There is No Singing in Heaven

Latin Grammar

Dicet autem fortassis aliquis quia vocalis illa collaudatio supervacua esset ibi, propter id quod in praecedentibus audivisti, videlicet quoniam virtus vocalis et interpretiva ad alterum tantum sunt et operationes propter indigentiam et imperfectionem alienam.

In the passage above, note the verb esset in the first sentence. You no doubt recognize that this is an imperfect subjunctive form, and you remember that the imperfect subjunctive is formed by adding person endings to the present infinitive of a verb.

In the following chart, review your knowledge of the imperfect subjunctive by completing a synopsis of the five verbs listed in the third person singular active imperfect subjunctive. The first one is done for you.

  Verb 3P SIAS
1. sum esset
2. amo
3. habeo
4. mitto
5. dormio
6. capio

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