William of Ockham

On Sin and Virtue

Latin Etymology

...tum quia quilibet pro loco et tempore obligatur ad diligendum Deum super omnia, et per consequens iste actus non potest esse vitiosus; tum quia este actus est primus omnium actuum bonorum.

The Latin preposition and adverb super, with the basic meaning of "over," "above," or "in addition to," has found its way into many English words that we commonly use today. Fill in the blanks in the English sentences below with the following English words that utilize the Latin word super.


1.  He tried to  writing over the photograph but he ended up just obscuring the picture with illegible scrawl.

2.  His  survival skills came in handy when their car broke down in the middle of a forest.

3.  Whenever I tried to make plans with her, she always had some other event that would .

4.  Her  attitude allowed her to reach the top of the company in a very short time.

5.  The mechanic could not disentangle the  mess from a needed part underneath.

6.  Although the family did not believe in the , they could not explain the strange sounds they heard in their new house.

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