William of Auvergne

On Spiders

Latin Grammar: Verbs

Ut autem erigam te atque dirigam ad sublimiorem considerationem curae et providentiae creatoris in rebus minimis, considera et investiga ubi discunt vel didicerent aranae nere sive filare et telas suas et retiacula texere, ubi didicerunt similiter casuras esse muscas in retiacula earum et quod muscae praedae earum esse naturaliter debeant et esca, antequam vel matres filantes viderunt, antequam cognoscerent vel fila vel telas vel retiacula, antequam appareret eis musca aliqua.

This passage has a fairly broad variety of verb forms and moods. Fill in the following chart, using verbs from the Latin passage above. The translation of each verb is given.

I. Present Subjunctive
1. I might direct
2. They ought
3. I might raise up
II. Imperfect Subjunctive
1. they knew
2. they learned
3. it was seen
III. Imperative
1. consider
2. search out
IV. Infinitive
1. to be
2. to draw out into a thread
3. to weave
4. to spin

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