William of Auvergne

On the Sting Ray

Latin Etymology

Verumtamen nullam invenies quae substantiam sibi similem vel in se vel extra se generet aut creet. Et ex isto genere (sicut alibi dixi tibi) est piscis qui vocatur torpedo, qui tangentis manum solo attractu sui adeo torpidam efficit, ut nihil illa hora omnino operari possit.

Use the following words to complete the sentences below. Good Luck!


1. Though the speakerís words were eloquent, the subject was only related to what the class was talking about.

2. Dr. Frankensteinís monster was not a horrible he was simply misunderstood.

3. A talent like Michael Jordan only comes along once in a .

4.When his girlfriend broke up with him, Bobby sunk into a stupor Ė feeling nothing for several days.

5. If youíre ever going to rob a bank, make sure your parents can provide a solid !

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