William of Auvergne

On the Sting Ray

Grammar: Deponent Verbs

Et quod est mirabilius, si lancea quantaecunque longitudinis tangatur, eundem torporem in manu tangentis, non dico in lancea, operatur.

The final verb in this short passage, operatur, is deponent, i.e., it has only passive forms but active meanings. It is translated, therefore: "it produces" rather than, "it is produced," as one might think if it were passive.

Match the following deponent verbs with their correct translations.

conor, conari, conatus sum: try

1. conatur a. you will try
2. conabantur b. I had tried
3. conaberis c. they will have tried
4. conati sumus d. to try
5. conatus eram e. he tries
6. conati erunt f. we tried
7. conari g. try!
8. cpmare (imperative) h. they were trying

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