Meister Eckhart

On the Trinity

English Etymology

Utrum in Deo sit idem esse et intelligere

Dicendum quod sunt idem re et forsan re et ratione.

Primo induco probationes quas vidi. Quinque ponuntur contra gentiles et sexta in prima parte et omnes fundantur in hoc, quod deus est primium et simplex. Non enim potest aliquid esse primum si non sit simplex.

Prima via est, quia intelligere est actus immanens et quid quid est in primo, est primum. Ergo deus est ipsum suum intelligere et est etiam suum esse. Quare etc.

Secundo, quia in deo non est accidens et in deo per consequens est idem esse et essentila. Cum igitur intelligere dei sit id ipsum quod deus, et sua esentia. Ideo, etc.

For each sentence below, choose the pair of words that makes the most sense in the sentence. The correct pair must be related to words in the passage above.

1. The ________ reason why the machine malfunctioned was the wrench stuck in its gears; the electricity going out was ________.

primary ... secondary
first ... second
main ... arbitrary

2. The brass ________ played right before the women's ________ choral group sang.

musicians ... a cappella
bells ... alto
quintet ... sextet

3. The convict had no good ________ for violating his ________.

reason .... parole

4. A ________ is not a very ________ person.


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