Albert the Great

On the Unicorn

Latin Grammar: Reading Comprehension

Unicornis est animal moderatae quantitatis respectu suae fortitudinis buxei coloris et fissae in duo ungulae pedis, in montibus et desertis habitans longum valde cornu in fronte gestans quod ad saxa limat, et cum ipso perforat etiam elefantem nec timet venatorem. Hoc animal magnus Pompeius ad spectaculum Romae exhibuit.

Reading Comprehension

Answer the following questions based upon the passage above.

1. From this passage we learn that the unicorn--
a. is found in moderate quantities
b. is a moderate size considering its bravery
c. is respectful of bravery in others

2. Regarding its appearance, we learn that--
a. it is a boxwood kind of color and has a hoof of two parts
b. it is white with a shining golden horn
c. it resembles a horse when standing on two feet

3. The horn of this animal--
a. grows longer when the creature is in mountains, rather than the deserts
b. is sharpened on rocks
c. is considered to be of great value

4. We learn that the unicorn fears--
a. elephants
b. its own reflection in a pool
c. not even the hunter

5. Pompey the Great--
a. exhibited a unicorn in Rome
b. feared it would make a spectacle of itself if he took it to Rome
c. killed three unicorns at the games in Rome

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