Albert the Great

On the Unicorn

Latin Etymology

Dicunt autem quod hoc anima adeo virgines puellas veneratur quod ipsis visis mansuescit et aliquando iuxta eas soporatum capitur et ligatur: capitur etiam cum adhuc est pullus iuvenis et tunc domatur.

Use the following words to complete the sentences below. Not all words will be used, but all are related to words in the text. Good Luck!


1. Though the horse was ill-tempered and dangerous in the wild, the trainers managed to coax it into docility and .

2. While the teacher thought his jokes were hilarious, to all others they were .

3. The CEO was by his six-month vacation at the dude ranch.

4. Thanks to the hard work of the chairman, the company managed to salvage its sinking image and drive up profits.

5.The college studentís apartment was less of a serviceable than a disaster area.

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