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Latin Grammar: Imperfect Subjunctive

Et ex hoc apparet quod ista natura non est aliquid hoc, neque corpus neque virtus in corpore; quoniam, si ita esset, tunc reciperet formas secundum quod sunt diversa et ista, et si ita esset, tunc formae existentes in ipsa essent intellecte in potentia, et sic non distingueret naturam formarum secundum quod sunt formae, sicut est dispositio in formis individualibus, sive spiritualibus sive corporalibus.

In many instances in this passage, we find usage of the imperfect subjunctive in si or "if" clauses. While the usage of the imperfect subjunctive can be complicated, recognizing the imperfect subjunctive in literature is not. The imperfect subjunctive is formed by taking the infinitive of the verb and adding a personal ending to the end. For example: 3rd person plural imperfect subjunctive dormire = dormirent. Also: 2nd person singular imperfect subjunctive ambulare = ambulares.

Find all the imperfect subjunctive verbs in the above passage:

Now, change all of these forms from imperfect subjunctive to imperfect indicative:






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