Hildegard of Bingen

On Water

Reading Comprehension

Qui autem sanos et firmos dentes habere vult, in mane diei, cum de lecto suo surgat, puram et frigidam aquam in os suum sumat, et ita per modicum in ore suo teneat, scilicet ut livor qui circa dentes suos est mollescat, et sic ipsa, quam in ore tenet, dentes lavet, et hoc saepe faciat et livor circa dentes amplius non crescit, sed sani permanebunt.

Read the passage above and answer the following questions:

1. This passage instructs the reader in the best way to
a. remove dents from firm surfaces.
b. clean one's teeth.
c. brush your horse's mane.
2. When should one undertake this activity?
a. When you first get out of bed.
b. After attending a lecture on the subject.
c. When you feel the cold in your bones.
3. How should one begin this activity?
a. Wait until the middle of the hour.
b. Hold pure, cold water in your mouth.
c. Slice a small piece of liver around the edge of the dent in the surface.
4. What would be the anticipated result?
a. The surface dents will be permanently smoothed out and now grow more.
b. The horse's mane will form an ample crescent.
c. The dark spots around your teeth won't increase, but will stay healthy.

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