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What is available now

"Bartholomew's World" will be under constant construction through May 31, 2013.

The introduction section is finished.

Many teaching resources are available, such as teacher's guides to individual lessons, unit lesson plans with background information, and history lesson plans for non-Latin classes. Please contact us to obtain these materials.

Most of the biographies of medieval authors are available.

Many of the glossaries and indices are available.

The following lessons are complete*:

Divine Science (10 Lessons)

The Introduction to Divine Science is also available.

Human Science (14 Lessons)

The Introduction to Human Science is also available.

Natural Science (41 Lessons)

The Introduction to Natural Science is also available.

* All lessons have some working sections but may be missing certain attributes, such as introductions to the material, or lists of links. Also, the accuracy of these pages cannot be guaranteed.

Current Projects

  • Lessons for non-Latinists and world history students
  • Teacher's Guide Lesson Plans
  • Latin Clubs in schools without a Latin program